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How it all began

Innovation through experience!

Knüppel Verpackung looks back on 100-years corporate history today – thanks to loyal customers and our ability to impress them time and again with innovative products and services.


Hermann Chr. Knüppel founds a paper wholesale operation in the heart of Hann. Münden in Lower Saxony on April 1, 1919. He brings along expertise, courage, diligence and the determination to establish an independent livelihood. He first rents a storage room at the municipal packing station. Years later, he acquires a warehouse right across from the town hall.


Hermann Chr. Knüppel has a taste for good, solid packing paper made of pure cellulose. He applies for the corresponding goods quality label and uses it to advertise for his products. He can provide his customers with a quality paper guarantee and thus stand out from many of his competitors.


The company is showing quick growth. Hermann Chr. Knüppel wants to continue growing and decides to move into newly created offices and warehouses on “Breiten Gasse” street near the periphery of the former old town.


Beginning of the 2nd World War: Hermann Chr. Knüppel is called to duty and can no longer continue his work. His son Helmar Knüppel takes over the key company affairs until he too is drafted for military service in January 1942. The remaining employees carry on and make do as best they can.


End of the war: The company buildings newly constructed in 1937 are either destroyed or badly damaged. In the following years, the rubble and debris in Breiten Gasse street is transformed into new warehousing and office space.


Knüppel becomes a limited partnership: The junior partner becomes a shareholder alongside the senior partner. The “German economic miracle” facilitates the company’s continued growth. The company’s product portfolio and technical expertise are becoming increasingly differentiated.


Knüppel celebrates its 50th year anniversary. The founder’s grandson, Gerhard Hahn, joins the company as a shareholder. Senior partner Hermann Chr. Knüppel passes a lot of his experience and principles on to him and then gradually withdraws from active business life.


Knüppel expands and takes on the challenge of relocating from Breiten Gasse street to the Volkmarshausen industrial park – just outside the gates of Hann. Münden in Lower Saxony. In order to meet the demands of a growing customer base and the increasingly sophisticated division of business, Knüppel moves into significantly enlarged office and warehouse premises while continuously expanding its product portfolio.


In the course of expansion, the first Knüppel branch offices are established in Lauterbach and Mainz in 1976.


Knüppel opens another new branch by taking over the company Norba in Bindlacher Strasse 7 in Bayreuth.


Knüppel joins the company Nordic Woodfibre located in the Danish town of Haarlev near Copenhagen and thus enters the production of heavy industrial packaging made of wood fibers. Customers from the metal industry, in particular, value products such as Nolco-Flex and Nolco-Pack, thanks to their excellent mechanical protection properties. Knüppel becomes the majority shareholder in 2010.


German reunification brings new challenges – and opportunities! Knüppel establishes a branch in Gotha in 1990.


Knüppel opens another branch in Dresden. Together with the US joint venture partner NTIC, the company founds EXCOR® GmbH in Hann. Münden, Lower Saxony, in the same year and revolutionizes temporary corrosion protection with VCI integrated into films.


Relocation of the Gotha branch to Emleben into a self-built warehouse and office building in Pfauseeallee 4. The Knüppel company EXCOR® shows dynamic growth. In order to scientifically and analytically advance corrosion protection with packaging materials and be able to meet customer needs with additional innovative products based on in-house patents, management establishes the EXCOR® Korrosionsforschung GmbH in Dresden. The laboratory soon takes a leading role in Europe in the global “Joint-Venture-Verbund” network.


Inspired by specific customer needs, Knüppel successfully creates in-house product brands. 1999 sees the market launch of the FleeceGuard® brand, whose products leverage a multi-layer composite of film and nonwoven fleece to provide excellent protection for scratch and stain sensitive surfaces.


Office and storage capacities are expanded at the company headquarters in Hann. Munden, Lower Saxony.


Knüppel joins Corline Kft, a company established in Hungary in 2003, with a 50% stake. The local areas of activity: consulting, development, manufacture and sales of industrial packaging and paper. Knüppel takes over 100% of the shares in 2011 to become the sole shareholder. One year later, the name Corline is changed to Knüppel Csomagolástechnika Kft.


Knüppel becomes increasingly international: The company founds “Knüppel Verpackung Sp.zo.o.” in the Polish town of Ozorkow. Production and packaging of FleeceGuard® is carried out there, according to specifications from the design office at the headquarters. Knüppel also opens a standalone, CAD-supported development department for customized constructive packaging in Dresden in 2006.


Knüppel takes over euromasch Maschinen-Handels-Gesellschaft m.b.H, just outside of Vienna, setting the stage to market VCI products in Austria.


Knüppel founds the joint venture Ckdpack in Hann. Munden, Lower Saxony. The company develops and manufactures custom-made reusable steel racks for the shipping of components and modules.


The need for professional packaging solutions and consultations increases in Austria too. Knüppel founds an additional subsidiary in Vienna to meet the demands and market its products. In the same year, a modern office and warehouse building is constructed on the company's own property at Am Kümmerling 15 in Bodenheim. (Relocation of the previous location from Mainz)


Knüppel shifts the production of its own Fleeceguard® brand from Poland to Ukraine. The new plant provides greater production possibilities.


Ernst Hahn had joined the company back in 2006. He becomes a member of the Knüppel Verpackung GmbH & Co KG executive board in 2012.


The Knüppel company Ckdpack founds Ckdpack Co. Ltd. in Shanghai, China.


EXCOR establishes its own sales office in Romania to expand its sales territory. The company now has its own warehouse and three employees.


Ckdpack GmbH takes over a production site out of insolvency in Schwepnitz, Saxony, to construct and produce steel racks in series.


Knüppel takes over Hans Joachim Dill Papiere-Pappen-Packmittel GmbH.


On April 1, Knüppel Verpackung celebrates its 100th birthday and thus a success story. The regional family business has grown into a globally active group of companies. Around 500 employees work at six German, two Austrian and one Hungarian branch, as well as at a production plant in Denmark and Ukraine. In addition, there are EXCOR® and Ckdpack which are two highly specialized joint venture investments.


In addition to developing its own group of companies, Knüppel Verpackung cooperates with numerous other suppliers. With professional items from all segments of industrial packaging, Knüppel already successfully deals with challenges of every size in the domestic and international movement of goods.