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Knüppel Verpackung – interconnected for good reasons

Better is the enemy of good: What still impresses people today may already be outdated tomorrow

This also applies to packaging – undoubtedly a result of the high pace of innovation and rapid technological progress. Whoever wants to continue to develop a broad portfolio of products at a high level should thus be well networked. Knüppel Verpackung has pursued this approach for decades – continuously expanding both its product range and its expertise. That is demonstrated by around 40,000 different professional packaging products and specialty packaging, as well as many loyal customers, whose needs we have the honor of fully satisfying when it comes to minor and major challenges related to packaging, storage and transport.

Knüppel Verpackung generates considerable synergies in conjunction with its own subsidiaries and other high-profile network partners. Protecting goods and providing customers with added value – the two go hand-in-hand. The direct exchange between partners in particular, coupled with cross-industry knowledge transfer, results in surprising and innovative packaging products time and again.

Its broad and at the same time very specific service and product portfolio makes Knüppel Verpackung a reliable packaging partner for industry, trade and logistics; a partner who is ready to meet any challenge and is focused on the automotive and automotive supplier industry, the consumer goods industry, machinery and equipment construction as well as the steel and aluminum industry. Below is a brief look at our major partner companies: