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Pioneer in the field of corrosion protection

EXCOR® is a joint venture between the partners Knüppel Verpackung and Northern Technologies International Corporation (NTIC). With EXCOR®, Knüppel offers packaging solutions made of materials such as paper, cardboard and polyethylene with incorporated “VCI” (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor) for corrosive products with bare metal surfaces.

The respective carrier material releases the VCI into the enclosed packaging space as a vapor; an invisible protective coating settles on all metal surfaces and protects against corrosion.

Basic benefits

  • Many years of corrosion protection
  • Corrosion protection and packaging are carried out in a single operation
  • EXCOR® VCI corrosion protection is an integral part of the package – preservation and possible de-preservation are eliminated
  • EXCOR® VCI products are reusable, recyclable and environmentally friendly: no adverse effects in the event of contact with skin or inhalation