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... protects sensitive surfaces from scratches and dirt

FleeceGuard® is an independent production and design division of Knüppel Verpackung. FleeceGuard® protects sensitive surfaces against scratches and dirt and can be used for painted surfaces, matte and glossy plastic surfaces, trim, stainless steel and aluminum surfaces and even optical lenses and ultra-thin coatings.

FleeceGuard® is a two to four-layer composite material that combines the beneficial qualities of a film with a neutral surface protection. FleeceGuard® is both light and flexible – ideal as protection for very small but also for extremely large products. Development and design are carried out centrally in Hann. Munden, Lower Saxony; the multiform, three-dimensional protective packaging are produced and equipped with various accessories such as zippers, hooks and grommets using textile processing techniques at an ISO certified company subsidiary in the Ukraine.

Basic benefits

  • Protection against dirt, dust, water, sunlight and mechanical stresses and strains
  • Reusable
  • FleeceGuard® can be sewn, welded and glued