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Packaging Developments

Well asked, well packaged

Questions suddenly arise: 

  • What specific characteristics of the product to be packaged should be considered?
  • Do you need individual packaging or bulk packaging?
  • Will the packaging be carried out manually or automatically?
  • What is the required packing density?
  • Do you prefer a disposable or reusable packaging process?
  • Are there guidelines regarding materials to be used?
  • Can the packaging material damage the product?
  • What material strains are to be expected during transport, handling and storage?
  • What expectations do your customers have of the product they purchased and its packaging?
  • And last but not least: Are there already standard packages that optimally and economically meet all of the necessities as well as your individual wishes?

We want to clarify all of these questions together with you – of course, based on your logistical circumstances and requirements. This helps to systematically avoid making any unnecessary mistakes. Only those who consider processes as a whole can ensure optimal product protection and economic efficiency in the long term!

Packaging Development & Production

Each product group calls for “its” specific packaging solution – the more unusual the product, the higher the creative demands on the packaging design!

And the bigger or more worthy of being protected the respective packaged good is; the more important it is to find a technical solution with an optimal balance between safety and expenditure.

Our experts draw on a broad and professional range of materials and packaging means – which help us come up with tailor-made and often unique packaging solutions.

The process of packaging development takes place in five phases – from problem definition through to delivery.

Phase 1

Acquisition and assessment of all relevant criteria relating to packaging, shipping and storage as well as key development information (including number of pieces, mode of transport, disposable or reusable).

Phase 2

Developing the first designs on the computer as well as a material conception based on analyses and material testing.

Phase 3

Concept coordination between customer and Knüppel Verpackung based on 3-D designs, including costing.

Phase 4

If the customer is happy with the concept, they commission the creation of a prototype. The design and the prototype are then critically compared – and the prototype is demonstrated in a practical trial.

Phase 5

Once all the key figures meet with full satisfaction, the customer may decide to commission the packaging to be produced. We immediately begin with production (this can, on request, include the creation of additional prototypes according to production conditions in series production). Finally: product testing in accordance with requirements specifications and delivery.