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Ready for the green

Course-ready golf club packaging

How do you package a putter that claims to be the best putter in the world? We worked with our customer Kramski Putter to develop golf club packaging that meets the highest demands. It highlights the value of the product, can be used flexibly for several club sizes and is easy to handle.

The customer

A story that could not be more typical: Wiestaw Kramski, a passionate golfer, was disappointed with his new putter. So he decided to design his own putter. This turned out to be the best and most precise golf putter in the world!

This was in 2000. Today, this private hobby has become Kramski Putter – an international premium brand that has firmly established itself in the tournament world with its award-winning high-precision putters.

kramski putter

Presentation and transport protection packaging for golf clubs with "MASTERING THE GREEN" printed on it

The brief

Design a presentation and transport protection packaging for Kramski Putter.

The requirements

  • Design packaging that emphasises the value of the product
  • Combine sales promotion and transport protection
  • The shape of the packaging should be adapted to the shape of the club head
  • Can be used for all club sizes
  • Reduce/avoid filling material
  • Printable

The solution

Triangular corrugated cardboard packaging with printing highlights the high value of Kramski Putter. Triangular foam cut-outs make sure that the packaging fits all club lengths. During development, the interior was also fitted with a punched blank made of corrugated cardboard with a slot that holds the club in a horizontal position.

The packaging is designed as shipping packaging or for delivery to the customer, guarantees product protection and is also an ideal advertising medium for Kramski Putter.