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Sharing knowledge in the spirit of partnership

Only those who are informed can assess matters objectively – this also applies to packaging. Whether specialist consultants or packaging technicians and developers: We believe that you, as a customer, have a right to be informed!

We are thus pleased to be able to share our knowledge with you. In addition to providing personal consulting services, where we of course field and clarify any questions you may have, we offer numerous seminars, training courses and workshops in which we provide you with all relevant information about the specific aspects of packaging.

The scope of information to be provided ultimately corresponds to the range of industrial goods to be packaged: ranging from the smallest fragile parts to turbines or entire railway cars – and in a variety of different materials. The number of different packages and specific protection functions is almost equally large and diversified.

Safety and cost-effectiveness are, as always, the key requirements for packaging. Additional aspects are ergonomics, logistics and reduced storage space.


  • Can safety be measured?
  • How can you obtain the best results when reconciling safety and costs?
  • How can the cost of packaging processes be measured? And how can they be influenced?
  • How can you compare the total costs related to packaging with the material costs of packaging alone?

What is the cost influence of packaging design? Our consultants and experts work together with you on finding answers to such questions, in large or in smaller groups, – either at our branch offices, at event venues or on our customers’ premises. It is always a matter of deepening the understanding and knowledge of packaging issues – and thus creating added value in a practical manner.

  • In doing so, the following topics may be examined:
  • Packaging tests
  • Corrosion protection
  • Protection through padding and securing
  • Pallet securing and dangerous goods
  • Packaging with wood
  • Protection of electrostatically sensitive components

Cooperative partnerships and memberships – including with PackNet Dresden – help us create more knowledge exchange opportunities for our customers.