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The Knüppel principle

Success stories, perfectly packaged

Understanding problem points. Select or customise a suitable model. And make sure that it is not only convenient, but also suits your approach. This is how we develop packaging solutions for you – always with an eye on the big picture, always with your very specific requirements in mind. Our customer success stories show that we’re doing it right.

Elegant packaging for premium golf clubs

Sales packaging success story

The packaging developed by Knüppel has been designed for shipping or handover to customers, provides product protection and is also an ideal advertising medium.

Golf club packaging

Golf clubs packaging
Dangerous goods packaging for batteries

Cardboard packaging for lithium-ion batteries

Dangerous goods packaging success story

Knüppel developed packaging for BMW that makes it possible to transport and store lithium-ion electricity batteries in a cost-efficient and process-safe manner. Discover more about the development of cardboard packaging for hazardous goods.

Packaging for lithium-ion batteries

Modular alternative packaging reduces packaging variants

Alternative packaging success story

Almost 300 variants of alternative packaging for camshafts resulted in inefficient handling and storage. The Packaging Development department at Knüppel had a better idea.

Alternate packaging for camshafts

Alternate packaging for camshafts
Overseas packaging with compartments

Overseas packaging reduces complaint rate

Overseas packaging success story

A well-known logistics company was looking for stable packaging that would provide reliable protection against corrosion. Our Packaging Development team tackled the issue and, as usual, had a clear view of the entire process chain.

Overseas packaging of metal components

Fleece transport covers protect cable car cabins

Surface protection success story

Flawless at commissioning: FleeceGuard® transport covers enabled scratch-sensitive cable car cabins to reach their destination safely and, thanks to the customisation of the sleeves, they were even able to complete their test run while packed.

Transport protection covers

Cable car covers surface protection