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Films, Fleece, & Foam

Filling, securing, protecting surfaces

Innovative packaging developments – for permanently reliable protection

There are many risks involved in transporting goods. Your packaging options should be equally diverse to provide your goods with professional protection. Our solutions, based on films, non-woven fleece materials and foam, ensure that your products arrive at their destination safely and undamaged.

Product protection and packaging often go hand-in-hand when it comes to transport: The product should not slip inside the packaging. Under no circumstances should packaging damage your goods. It is often necessary to protect packaged goods and packaging against moisture and other negative climatic influences. Entire cargos must also be secured – e.g. on pallets – against falling and impact. Whether surface protection, void fill, cushioning, wrapping or securing: It is always a matter of which packaging products are most suitable for providing optimal protection of sensitive goods and products on specific transportation routes and under the expected transport conditions.

We offer you the right solution for your sensitively packaged goods. 

Films – fine cladding, diverse protection

Films are one the most diverse packaging materials regardless of the sector involved – and a key product for intelligent, cost-effective packaging processes. Their functions and possible applications are constantly increasing. Special production processes give them specific properties in terms of density, temperature resistance, barriers, adhesion and transparency. Films thus offer great latitude in customized and efficient package design. 

Nonwovens and FleeceGuard® – effective and flexible security

Non-woven fleece materials are fibers or yarns that are combined to form gauze, without any interlacing or intertwining. The mainly textile raw materials can be quite diverse. One of the main properties of nonwovens is their high flexibility.

FleeceGuard® is a Knüppel Verpackung brand. The surface protection manufactured under this brand name combines, among other things, a soft polypropylene nonwoven on the inside with an abrasion resistant, dust and waterproof barrier layer on the outside.

Packaging made of FleeceGuard® protects all sensitive surfaces from damage, such as scratches or dents and other contamination, during transport – and does so for objects of any size. Packaging made of FleeceGuard® is manufactured as two and three dimensional form-fitting covers or hoods using sewing or ultrasonic welding methods and various accessories such as zip and Velcro fastening, windows, doors, etc.  

Foam – variable, cushioning, multifunctional

Foam products are called for when it comes to effectively absorbing shocks and vibrations within the packaging. Whether wavy, self-adhesive, antistatic or laminated in combination with other materials: There are a variety of securing and padding options using foam to ensure safe storage during transport – and their selective use often saves on material.

We also offer you professional solutions for diverse requirements in these material segments – either customized or in standardized sizes and formats.