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Machinery, Equipment, Packing Stations

Strapping, stapling, nailing, packing, sealing, shrinking & stretching

Effective packaging processes – with technical support

Storage, packaging, transportation and shipping: We are familiar with many of the challenges that our customers face on a daily basis. When it comes to different packaging processes and activities, we are able to support you with a range of professional machinery, tools and the right material. Durability, quality and impressive ergonomics are the key criteria we consider when putting together our range of products.

Packaging machines and modern packing station systems improve the operational workflow, while also ensuring the particularly safe transportation of your products thanks to professional packing results. The systems and equipment shown here can be easily integrated into packaging processes – and make them surprisingly efficient.

Whether stretching, shrinking, strapping or closing – you are sure to find the appropriate packaging machines, ideally tailored to your requirements and the sizes you require, in our extensive range of products.

We also offer a lot of the machinery and equipment from our product range for leasing or hire purchase. Feel free to contact us in this regard. We will be happy to advise you!