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Padding & Securing

Specific inner packaging for optimal protection

Whatever the respective transport route looks like: Packaged goods are often exposed to serious and multiple mechanical strains on their way to their destination – including falling and impact. Sturdy outer packaging is undoubtedly important. However, the same is true for interior padding and securing!

If the recipient accepts a consignment thanks to its apparently undamaged appearance, there will nevertheless be complaints if the shipped goods are damaged on the inside – costing time, money, and sometimes even valuable customer contacts. So protect your products, and your sales profit!

Inner packaging is meant to prevent movement and slippage of the goods and reliably absorb mechanical strains in the event of impact, shock and vibration. Just as airbags and seat belts protect car passengers, constructive, padded and securing packaging keep your product exactly where it belongs. Whether void fill, cushioning, securing or wrapping: We offer you a plethora of options and the right solution for your packaged goods.

For this purpose, we use filler and cushioning material, including PE foam, paper cushions or air cushions. When used intelligently, each of these materials can reliably protect packaged goods.

Filling materials can be used to “stuff” the voids in the outer packaging so that packaged goods are embedded in an absolutely slip resistant and shock resistant manner during transport. Among other things, filling material is ideal for unpackaged and shock-sensitive goods. The boundaries between filling and padding material can also be seamless.

We would of course also be happy to advise you personally as to which product best meets your individual requirements.