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Pallet Securing & Transport Protection

Safely underway on all routes

Transporting palletized goods: definitely a case for professional cargo protection

The basic aim of all transport safety and cargo securing measures is to deliver goods efficiently and undamaged to their destination. All risks to humans and the environment must of course also be avoided. Cargo should always be secured in such a way that there is no slippage, toppling over or falling down under normal driving conditions.

Different lashing and packaging materials can be used to secure the cargo. According to the lawmakers, cargo – including equipment for securing the cargo and loading gear – must always be stowed and secured such “that it cannot slip, topple over, roll back and forth, fall down or cause avoidable noise even in the event of hard braking or sudden evasive movements”.

The legal basis for cargo securing obligations are regulated as follows: 

  • Road Traffic Regulations (StVO)
  • Road Traffic Licensing Regulation (StVZO)
  • German Statutory Accident Insurance Association (DGUV)
  • Hazardous Good Law (GGVSE/ADR)
  • Statutory Freight Law (HGB).

In addition to the regulatory provisions, in practice every case of transport damage involves costly delays, high expenditure and often immense costs due to damaged or spoiled goods for the parties. All this can be avoided by using securing accessories that are appropriate to the mode of transport.

We support you with comprehensive advice and a comprehensive range of securing accessories.