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Paper, Solid & Corrugated Cardboard

Wrapping, padding, protecting – leveraging the power of nature

Paper is natural – paper is powerful. Protect your goods effectively using professional packaging products and cardboard made of paper. From fine wrapping tissue and single-wall folding cartons to robust pallet boxes made of strong corrugated cardboard: Get it all from us. It’s your choice: custom-made materials specially developed for you or packaging and cardboard from our standard range of products.

Paper: “classical” packaging material in every respect

We would be happy to provide you with expert advice concerning the most appropriate paper quality – for every conceivable application. Benefit from in-depth knowledge about variety-specific paper properties, supplemented by analyses from certified and accredited laboratories.

Classical criteria for the quality of paper are strength, smoothness, stiffness and the right look and feel. Today we differentiate based on a diversity of industrial applications and according to specific functions of paper such as:  

  • Surface protection
  • Separating intermediate layer
  • Marking
  • Padding
  • Material carrier
  • Production carrier
  • Intermediate papier

Knüppel Verpackung has over 100 types of paper in stock. Our in-house paper processing facilitates flexible preparation of custom rolls and sheets dimensions.

Cardboard – the right corrugation ensures safe transport

Corrugated cardboard gets its useful mechanical properties from the combination of smooth and corrugated paper webs. Covered corrugated cardboard has, in contrast to open rolled corrugated cardboard, two outer coverings of paper. Depending on the required load capacity, it has up to three corrugated walls, each separated by intermediated layers of paper. Corrugated cardboard qualities are distinguished by a sort key that represents minimum values of burst strength, puncture resistance and “Kantenstrauch” resistance.

Unlike corrugated cardboard, solid cardboard has no voids. It is a flat packaging material. It can be used for boxes or padded envelopes, workpiece carriers or as a protective intermediate layer. With “custom-made” we mean the same as “according to the customer’s wishes”.