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Wood & Wood Composites

Surface protection, pallets, boxes and stacking corners

Wear resistant – impressive in use

Goods and pallet cargos are exposed to various mechanical strains and dangers. Specific types of packaging and load carriers are required depending on the goods being transported, and the mode, region and duration to be transported. Insufficiently secured cargo only remains in place during transport until it begins to shift due to typical physical forces, caused for example by acceleration, braking, skidding or even falling. Stable cargo securing is therefore crucial to protect transported goods against damage.

We support you in finding the safest and most economical transport solution for you at any time. In doing so, we can draw on our many years of experience and offer a broad spectrum of packaging products and packaging materials for the protection and securing of palletized goods. Wood as a raw material for transport solutions is always interesting when the requirements are very demanding. Transport packaging made of wood can secure enormous loads and are very versatile. They have an excellent CO2 balance compared to plastic products, are accordingly climate-friendly and often reusable.