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Assess customer requests and requirements. Agree on the best solution. Implement and deliver.

Paper, Solid Cardboard and Corrugated Cardboard

Comprehensive product protection – with professional packaging made of paper and cardboard.

Packaging with Films, Foam and Non-Woven Material

Padding, securing, wrapping, protecting surfaces – with innovative packaging materials.

Well Packed in Wood and Wood Composites

Pallets, boxes and stacking corners for high transport loads: stable, reusable and natural.

Corrosion Protection for Transport and Storage

Safe, effective – and successfully combined: packaging and VCI corrosion protection.

Machinery, Packing Stations, Consumables

Packaging by professionals: strapping, sealing, shrinking, stretching, stapling and nailing.

Pallet Securing & Cargo Protection

Preventing damage – using inflatable airbags, films, tapes, intermediate layers and assembly aids.

Developing Custom Packaging

Tailor-made packaging: tailored to meet your individual requirements and applications. 

Damage-Free – by Padding & Securing

Resilient and effective: protective inner packaging made of paper, polyethylene, and “air”.

Postal Dispatch – Products and Aids

Visible protection: shipping cartons and boxes, padded envelopes, document envelopes and special envelopes.

Self-Adhesive Tape, Labels, Markings

Professional information carriers – from dangerous goods information and status indicators to advertising.

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