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Special surface protection

The surface protection material FleeceGuard® reliably protects all matt and glossy lacquer, plastic, stainless steel and aluminium surfaces, trims, optical lenses or wafer-thin coatings from scratches, matting, bare points or pressure marks. FleeceGuard® is a combination of a soft fleece with a polyethylene coating. It has a textile character and is also handled like textile material. It can be sewn as well as welded and connected with zips or hook-and-loop tape and other accessories.

The main applications are CAD-developed sleeves that can also be applied precisely to multiform objects. The product does not scratch or polish sensitive surfaces. Often used outdoors, FleeceGuard® is highly weather-resistant. Applications range from cable car gondolas and passenger cars to railway carriages and locomotives. However, FleeceGuard® is also a safe packaging material for very small items.

FleeceGuard® made by Knüppel

The customised, made-to-measure customer solutions are developed in our in-house design office and then sewn, welded and fitted with various accessories in an industrial manner in our factory in Hungary.

The main advantages of FleeceGuard® surface protection are its light weight, flexibility of shape, stability, weather resistance and softness. Applications are wind tunnel tested and will stay connected to the protected object even at 110 km/h on an open carrier. This ensures safety for open HGV or rail transport.

Transport protection covers

Cable car covers surface protection