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Because environmentally friendly packaging saves resources. Including yours.

“Saving resources” and “sustainability” are terms with not only an ecological meaning, but also a business meaning. Fortunately, they are not contradictory, in fact they are often congruent: The “reduce, reuse, recycle” approach not only reduces the impact on the environment, but also on your wallet. We’d be happy to show you how.


Avoid over-packaging

Detailed packaging inspection often offers starting points for saving on packaging material without having to compromise on the result.

There is potential here:

  • Size adjustment
    Your personal optimum lies somewhere between “as few packaging variants as possible” and “the smallest possible packaging for each individual product”.
  • Material change
    Paper pads are made from a renewable raw material, but air cushions use a fraction of the material.
  • Quality adjustment
    When it comes to stretch film, a lot of μ does not always mean a lot of performance: high-performance films achieve greater safety with less material input.
  • Adjusting the packaging machines used
    Is a smaller paper cushion enough? Or maybe one less wrap on the pallet will do?

Product example

Stretch film

Granby Box export packaging


Reusable packaging

Reusing packaging does not only mean reusing the packaging for the same process, but can also mean using the packaging for additional purposes. The first requires a closed loop – return transport of the packaging, reprocessing if necessary, reuse – while the latter demands a certain stability of the packaging product, such as with wooden boxes or paper padding. A reusable solution is often an alternative for applications where you haven’t even considered reuse yet.

After analysing your processes, we can use our experience to recommend how reusable packaging can be sensibly used in your company.

Product example

Granby Box wooden folding box


Recyclable and recycled packaging

The recycling approach is used when it is not possible to reuse packaging or when it becomes impossible after a certain period of time. As this will happen sooner or later with any packaging, it makes sense to think about it before the first use. The solution may be to choose products made from recycled materials or products that can be recycled – and these are not mutually exclusive. Single-material solutions are often easier and cheaper to recycle – some materials can be recycled with less loss of quality and sometimes downcycling, i.e. reprocessing, is better than no recycling at all. 

Airplus recycled film