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Calculation aids

Calculate film weight: Roll weight

Many of our customers often ask how to correctly calculate the dimensions for a product protection cover or the dimension of a flat sack or bag, or how to convert the weight of a film roll. You will find useful calculation aids for your products or product calculations here. You can find our film products in our Shop or in our product area. If you have questions, contact us!

Calculate film weight

Weight of a film roll

A = film width
B = film length
C = film thickness
D = film density

A × B × C × D = weight in kg


A = 1 m
B = 1,000 m
C = 100 µm or 100 x 10-6 m
D = 922 kg / m³

1 m × 1,000 m × 100 × 10-6 m × 922 kg / m³ = 92.2 kg

or simply:

1 m × 1,000 m × 0.1 mm × 0.922 kg = 92.2 kg
plus weight of the sleeve

Graphic film roll dimensions

Graphic cover dimensions

Cover calculation

You can find a calculation guide to determine the correct fit of a cover here. The sketch shows the letters used in the calculation in relation to the sides of the cover to be calculated. The dimensions of the pallet require some allowance to fit the cover.

Graphic side gusset cover dimensions

Variant 1: Side gusseted cover

The dimensions of a side gusseted cover are given as:

(X + Y) × Z

X = A + 50 mm
Y = B + 50 mm
Z = C + 150 mm + B/2

Graphic flat bag dimensions

Variant 2: Flat sack

The dimensions of a flat sack are given as:

X × Y

X = A + B + 50 mm
Y = C + 150 mm + B/2

X is always the open side of a bag or sack!