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Packaged efficiency

Automation in the packaging process

Although we appreciate manual work, automated processes are faster and produce the same results. But speed is not everything – the decision to purchase packaging machines should consider many aspects. We are happy to share our experience and explain the advantages and disadvantages. Down to the last decimal place.

Quicker processes

Packaging machines can be integrated in packaging lines and significantly accelerate your packaging process: during the time it takes for a filled carton to be automatically closed, the next one can be filled.

Inner packaging in particular offers a lot of potential for process optimisation through automation: while the manual forming of filling paper can take minutes, the FillPak Trident paper padding machine , for example, processes 2.3 metres of paper per second.

Semi-automatic or fully automatic tools also speed up the work: with adhesive tape dispensers, packing tape does not have to be cut manually; with tensioning devices, strapping tape does not have to be painstakingly manually tensioned.


Paper padding machine
Kanban system warehouse

Consistently good results

Machines are not good at independently adapting to different situations. However, machines are very good at delivering the same – good – result even after hundreds of repetitions. This has advantages for your packaging process:

  • Process reliability
    The machine is just as reliable at the end of a shift as it is first thing in the morning.
  • Optimisation
    Achieving consistent results with the same settings is essential in order to get the best out of optimisation.
  • User independence
    While knowledge and experience make a significant difference in manual packaging, this is only marginal when operating packaging machines.

Better ergonomics

Performing the same movements over and over again is not good for people. A machine not only doesn’t mind doing this, it sometimes cannot do anything else. Why not then let the machine work hard and let the people operate and control it? If you are already experiencing high levels of absence due to sickness or would like to prevent this with better ergonomics , we will be happy to advise you on machines that will make life easier for your employees.

ENOergo stretch film manual dispenser in use
Iceberg principle

Close eye on costs

ROI calculation

While it may be obvious that automation will bring many benefits, it may not be immediately clear how these benefits compare to the initial costs involved. This can be calculated. We work with you to analyse your packaging processes and the costs hidden within them, and can tell you exactly:

  • whether it is worth purchasing one or more machines at all or whether changing the packaging product is the solution,
  • which automated solution with which range of functions is suitable for you,
  • how long one or several machines need to be in operation to recover their acquisition costs,
  • whether buying or renting – if necessary with consumables included– is the right form of acquisition.