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Packaging density optimisation

As much as possible. With one journey

Transport space is valuable. Not just in terms of postage and fees, but also in internal processes that may not have a price tag attached. Optimising the packaging density means more than just achieving the maximum density. It also helps you to reduce your process costs. We will be happy to determine exactly how much together with you.

Maximising packaging density

While there is more to consider than accommodating the maximum number of products in a transport unit, this is where the process starts. But even this goal is not one-dimensional:

  • Geometries
    How can your product be positioned with the least loss of space? How many different shapes need to be packed? Is it possible to utilise the load carrier and the outer packaging more efficiently by grouping them?
  • Load carrier and outer packaging
    How should the container best be equipped? With a stackable compartment? Or constructive packaging that is optimised for exactly one product shape? And which container is actually suitable?
  • HGVs and containers
    Most products fit into a container or HGV if Euro pallets are used. But are other dimensions perhaps more suitable? Can more volume be used by stacking?
Constructive packaging
Tray for camshafts

And this is also important

Packaging that has to be painstakingly manually assembled over hours may hold as many parts as it wants – but it is rarely a good packaging solution. Even if your goal is to increase packaging density, we always keep other factors in mind during the design process:

  • Handling
    Packaging optimised for packaging density must also be ready for use quickly and be easy and quick to load.
  • Delivery and reuse
    Everything that applies to the transport of your products also applies to the transport of the packaging: the more that can be transported at the same time, the better. When developing (reusable) packaging, we make sure that the empty packaging can be reduced in volume. This saves transport and storage costs.
Project examples

Modular alternative packaging reduces packaging variants

Alternative packaging success story

Almost 300 variants of alternative packaging for camshafts resulted in inefficient handling and storage. The Packaging Development department at Knüppel had a better idea.

Alternate packaging for camshafts

Alternate packaging for camshafts
Overseas packaging with compartments
Project examples

Overseas packaging reduces complaint rate

Overseas packaging success story

A well-known logistics company was looking for stable packaging that would provide reliable protection against corrosion. Our Packaging Development team tackled the issue and, as usual, had a clear view of the entire process chain.

Overseas packaging of metal components