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Pad, fill, fix

Inner packaging – perfectly packed on the inside too

Similar to the airbag and seatbelt in a car, the adapted inner packaging absorbs a shock or impact and keeps your product in position. The choice of material depends, among other things, on the weight, impact sensitivity and surface sensitivity of the packaged goods. Of course, we also balance the sustainability benefits and drawbacks together with you.

Air cushions and air cushion systems

1% film, 99% air – 100% product protection. The padding volume of the air cushions is only generated at the packing station and therefore saves a lot of storage space. The lightweight air cushions, which can come in different designs, perfectly protect against shocks, impact or vibrations during transport. Your packaged goods remain elastically fixed in the package.

Example of air cushion systems

AIRplus® air cushion systems

Inner packaging air cushion pad
Top shot of a box with PadPak paper filling material

Filler paper – even for strong padding

Paper is strong – and not just Kraft paper. When converted to filling material or padding, paper also keeps heavy components in position in the outer packaging and protects them from the effects of transport. Paper converterpackaging machines create pads and fillings in different shapes depending on the application right at your packing station.

Packaging paper in different thicknesses in cuts or rolls is offered by our paper manufacturing department. We share a tradition of over 100 years with paper.

Examples of paper converter systems

PadPak Guardian

FillPak Trident

Fixing packaging

Fixing packaging secures pressure-insensitive parts to a corrugated board sheet, whatever their shape, by wrapping them in elastic film. They are transported safely in a matching carton. The same result can be achieved with two pre-prepared frames covered with elastic film, between which a part is held securely. Both methods can be used to safely pack different parts within the maximum limits.

Example of horizontal wrapper


Blue engine in fixing packaging
Foam padding in front of open box

Foam padding

When the exact shape matters: foam pads are tailored to size directly at the packing station. Foam cushion packaging is not only better than its reputation for other applications, it is also simply the most suitable packaging. We would be happy to advise you on when a foam packaging system is a good solution for you. 

Corrosion protection, packaging density optimisation and more

Inner packaging with additional function

Padding, filling and fixing, standard inner packaging often already does everything. But sometimes it needs to do more.

Special packaging materials provide additional protection against moisture, corrosion protection, protection against electrostatic discharge and much more.

A new development, of course, can deliver more than just standard. Structural packaging used as the interior of an outer packaging, for example as optimised compartments, protects products of every shape and form. Packaging optimisation, perfectly integrated into the packaging process and especially effective.

Overseas packaging with corrosion protection