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Automatic packaging

Packaging machines and packaging systems

From the manual adhesive tape dispenser to the fully automatic strapping machine at the end of a packing line: packaging machines speed up your processes. This not only saves money, but also ensures consistently good results. Drawing on the entire range of packaging machines, we can advise you on any application and on any goal you are aiming for with mechanisation or automation .

Packaging machines for inner packaging

Automated systems for filling and padding simplify and speed up your packaging process. Our converters produce paper pads or air cushions according to your shape and quantity specifications at the packaging station and ensure the safe transport of your packaged goods. Our machine solutions for padding inner packaging can be integrated into your packaging processes without great effort – we would be happy to provide you with advice on this!

Examples of paper converter systems

PadPak Guardian

FillPak Trident

Paper padding machine

Pallet securing systems

Pallet securing with film can also be done efficiently manually and with consistently high quality – for example with the ENO®ergo dispenser. From a certain volume of pallets at a single location, machines are the obvious choice to perform this task. We can advise you on which machine solution will best achieve your goals – whether with a stretch wrapper, a rotary arm wrapper or a stretch robot.

Carton forming and sealing machines

Classic corrugated cardboard folding boxes must be unfolded before use. There are machines available for this that form the boxes, and, after filling, also seal with adhesive tape, saving up to 50% time compared to manual processes. Combining this with conveyor technology and roller conveyors achieves a controlled flow of material from station to station.

Type S8 case taper
Strapping & accessories


Cartons can be sealed with PP and PET strapping in the same way as they are sealed on the belt with adhesive tape – using manual strapping or a fully automatic strapping machine.

Service & maintenance

A long life for your packaging machines

Packaging machines purchased from us should improve your packaging process for many years – and must function reliably to do so. We make sure of this by taking care of the assembly of your equipment or integration into your packing line, signing a maintenance contract with you and taking care of repairs , which are inevitable after a certain period of operation, for you. Quickly and reliably.

VW Caddy Knüppel Verpackung