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By sea, land and air

Ready for anything – our export packaging

Export packaging presents a special challenge. The mode of transport and destination are key factors in the choice of packaging. For air transport, but also for rail and sea transport, the connecting transport in the destination country is most important. With rail transport, mechanical loads can occur in the form of impacts during shunting and braking.

Goods must be packed in the transport containers in such a way that movements are prevented. Climatic stresses are of major importance in container shipping. Are the goods to be transported hygroscopic or sensitive to corrosion? The size and weight of the goods being transported are also important. The routes have been measured over many years with data loggers that record factors such as temperature. Therefore, we know the general conditions and design the packaging for your export goods accordingly. If required, we can also carry out transport simulation tests before dispatch.

Granby wooden packaging

Wooden export packaging

Plywood folding boxes, which are reusable like steel and plastic containers, are increasingly replacing rigid and heavy wooden boxes. We offer standard formats or custom dimensions and thicknesses. The inner packaging for separating or fixing individual parts in the outer packaging depends greatly on the sensitivity to mechanical or climatic effects. If required, this can also include protection against moisture and/or corrosion in the event of high temperature fluctuations.

Granby Box wooden folding box

Export cartons

In many cases, robust export cartons made of two- or three-wall corrugated boxes are sufficient. Particularly when it comes to countries with import regulations for organic materials. This must of course be taken into account.

Export cardboard box on pallet

Corrosion protection

When shipping parts made of bare metal, it is necessary to take precautions for corrosion protection . This involves a moisture barrier and specific or multi-metal VCI corrosion protection. Both can be combined in one film. The outer packaging then protects the film from transport-related damage and loss of effectiveness. The technology leader EXCOR supports us when it comes to corrosion protection .

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Transport monitoring

Damage caused by improper transport impact can be documented by data loggers. These devices are fixed in the packaging and absorb shock and impact as well as temperature and humidity. You can use tip indicators to determine whether your packaging has been tilted beyond a best degree. This is only recommended, however, following an appropriate risk assessment.

various tilt indicators
Paper padding inner packaging

Inner packaging

The seat belt of packaging materials: well-chosen and correctly used inner packaging keeps your product firmly in its outer packaging and protects it from shocks and vibrations. There are many possibilities; we will be happy to advise you.

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Packaging development

Packaging development

Extremely diversified freight transport and a multitude of different distribution channels are creating ever new challenges for efficient packaging solutions. There is a lot that can be achieved with cleverly used standard packaging materials or a combination of them. However, it is often a case of developing individual solutions using the whole range of different design options and materials. In our Packaging Development department, creative minds develop custom-fit, CAD-based packaging solutions for you.

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Packaging development
Overseas packaging with corrosion protection
Project examples

Overseas packaging reduces complaint rate

Export packaging success story

Overseas packaging for heavy components should be stable and provide reliable protection against corrosion. A well-known logistics company approached Knüppel with a request to develop such packaging. Previously used packaging was not satisfactory in either of these respects. Our Packaging Development team tackled the issue and, as usual, had a clear view of the entire process chain.

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