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Reduce the complaint rate

Pack safely. Instead of “overpacking”

Your product should be in the same pristine condition at the end of its journey as it was at the beginning. That much is obvious. But which packaging solution will help you achieve this? Is it a case of “the more the merrier”? This may well mean that your packaged goods arrive safely at their destination. But it’s not economical Good packaging solutions can do both – they ensure that there is no cause for complaint and that no unnecessary material is used.

Improve existing processes

Packaging optimisation

In-depth Packaging testing shows how over-packaging can be reduced. It also helps towards the goal of reducing complaints.

  • Material change
    If a cardboard outer packaging gets soggy during transport, a wooden box could be the alternative.
  • Quality adjustment
    Sometimes a premium solution is the only way to meet the requirements.
  • Adjusting the packaging machines used
    Does larger paper padding reduce complaints? Or is more wrapping required on the pallet?

Success story

Overseas packaging of metal components

Packaging density optimisation

Develop new solutions

Packaging advice and packaging development

If it is clear that optimisation will not lead to the desired result, there is no reason to despair. We are able to completely rethink a solution,  even if different approaches have already been tested. In the packaging consultation we check with you whether a standard solution with a new approach holds promise or whether constructive packaging development could help.