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Bending over is not good for the back!

The health of your employees is worth a lot in itself. It’s also worth a lot to your business. Anything that protects your employees’ ability to work not only reflects your  appreciation of them and their work, but also saves you money. Ergonomics prevents damage to health that is caused by permanent strain. Safe packaging products prevent accidents. We check your packaging process to see if machines, tools or more ergonomic packing stations could provide more safety.

Ergonomics through machine solutions

Performing the same movements over and over again is not good for people. A machine not only doesn’t mind doing this, it sometimes cannot do anything else. Why not then let the machine work hard and let the people operate and control it? If you are already experiencing high levels of absence due to sickness or would like to prevent this with better ergonomics, we will be happy to advise you on packaging machines, which will make life easier.

Paper padding machine
ENOergo stretch film manual dispenser in use

Ergonomics with aids

With ergonomic aids such as the ENO®ergo dispenser, you ensure optimal results while protecting the health of the user. This reduces unnecessary bending or other harmful movements.

Product example

ENOergo manual stretching system

Ergonomics of the environment

Ergonomics is not just about posture and strain on muscles, tendons and bones. The environment also contributes to how long people can work well. In principle, all of our packaging products meet high safety standards. However, in individual cases, choosing a different cardboard box, for example, can reduce dust formation or changing the corrosion protection product can lead to a lower odour nuisance. It is worth analysing and remedying any form of ergonomic restriction.

Packing station system