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Corrosion protection

Store and transport metal components protected from corrosion

When transporting bare metal parts across different climatic zones, as well as through day and night temperature differences, condensation can occur, which leads to the metal part corroding and being damaged. Our corrosion protection measures are based on the nature of your packaged goods and their condition, which we examine if necessary. Technology leader EXCOR is at our side here. Together we develop effective corrosion protection concepts for the transport and storage of your metal parts.

Temporary corrosion protection

Temporary corrosion protection involves the use of inhibitors as a component of various packaging materials such as film, paper, solid and corrugated board. These metal-affine substances evaporate from their carriers into the closed packaging and settle on bare metal surfaces. They protect the surfaces against corrosion, even if water condenses on them. After the packaging has been removed, the inhibitors volatilise without leaving any residues. Polyethylene films are most frequently used as corrosion protection in many forms of packaging as outer and inner packaging. So are hard plastics in the form of trays or boxes. We also offer dispensers as accessories and reusable capsules.

Examples of temporary corrosion protection

ICB Corrosion protection film

VCI dispenser & VCI TRAY

Corrosion protection bag
Liquid corrosion protection

Liquid corrosion protection

It is not only during transport and storage that metal components need protection against corrosion. After particularly corrosive production steps such as blasting processes, precautions must also be taken to ensure that corrosion does not occur immediately. Treatment with anti-corrosion oils is a good option here. A VCI oil can also be used to protect cavities such as gearbox housings, which is compatible with subsequent filling when used in small quantities.


Desiccants are used when packaging warm parts or in packaging conditions where moisture from packaging wood or residues from washing processes in boreholes cause an immediate high relative humidity in a package. These bind the resulting moisture and create good initial conditions for the VCI effect. Desiccants are also a good option for long-term packaging.

Desiccant bags