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Process optimisation

Optimise packaging processes. For professionals by professionals

Everything that improves your packaging process means significant cost optimisation. Sometimes you can see the link immediately, in other places you need experience and knowledge to see it. We have plenty of both and are happy to share them with you. We can intervene at any point in your process chain and optimise individual steps or your entire packaging process.


Time saving and automation

There must be a way to do it faster! Yes, very often there is. With automation, when a fast machine takes over the work, you can save time – and therefore costs.

  • Simple operation
    Packaging that has been designed with an eye to the future is ready for use in just a few simple steps, making it quicker.
  • Packaging station supply
    A padding material where the volume is created directly at the packing station, such as air cushions, does not have to be retrieved from the warehouse or has to be retrieved less often, which is time-consuming.
  • Fewer packaging variants
    The storage and removal of single-piece packaging is less time-consuming than having different types.


Packaging machines

Success stories

Alternate packaging for camshafts

Packaging for lithium-ion batteries

Paper padding machine
Kanban system warehouse

Safety for your packed goods

Process reliability and quality

Fast and reliable can be mutually exclusive. But they don’t have to be. Clever processes can be safe and also reduce the complaint ratewithout reducing efficiency. We also bear the consistent quality of your packaging in mind.

  • Automation
    Packaging machines such as stretch wrappers produce equally good results even at the end of a shift – and are also fast.
  • Poka Yoke
    Packaging can be designed so that incorrect use is either impossible or immediately noticeable.
  • User training
    Some packaging processes – even manual ones – just need a little knowledge and practice, for example from our packaging seminars, in order to function quickly and reliably.

Success story

Overseas packaging of metal components

Safety for your employees

Ergonomics and occupational safety

The health of your employees is worth a lot in itself. It’s also worth a lot to your business. Anything that protects your employees’ ability to work not only reflects your appreciation of them and their work, but also saves you money. Ergonomics prevents damage to health that is caused by permanent strain. Safe packaging products prevent accidents. We check your packaging process to see if machines, tools or more ergonomic packing stations could provide more safety. The best thing: anything that improves the process for people can also ensure better and consistently good results at the same time.


Packaging machines

ENOergo manual stretching system

ENOergo stretch film manual dispenser in use