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The perfect packaging for every requirement

Packaging materials from the full range

Good packaging is part of the product. It makes a product transportable, be it to the end of the factory floor, to the warehouse or to the other end of the world. Packaging design is a matter of experience and passion. We aim to create a synthesis out of the multitude of possibilities so that we can always offer you the right packaging solution to meet your individual requirements.

Granby Box export packaging

Export packaging

The further the destination, the greater the range of stresses on the packaged goods and packaging from mechanical impact, temperature changes, humidity and conditions of domestic transport in the destination country. We develop safe and economical export packaging for your packaged goods, tailored to your destination.

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Inner packaging

Paper padding or air cushions, film fixing on a tray, separation of components or padding materials that rise again after impact – our experience in the field of inner packaging combined with a wide range of materials available to our specialists create a “seat belt” for your product so that it reaches its destination undamaged.

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Paper padding inner packaging
Corrosion protection bag

Corrosion protection

When transporting bare metal parts across different climatic zones, as well as through day and night temperature differences, condensation can occur, which leads to the metal part corroding and being damaged. Our corrosion protection measures are based on the nature of your packaged goods and their condition, which we examine if necessary. Technology leader EXCOR is at our side here. Together we develop effective corrosion protection concepts for the transport and storage of your metal parts.

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Surface protection

From small components and musical instruments to vehicles, cable car cabins and railway carriages, we protect surfaces from damage caused by friction or dirt with form-fitting, lightweight covers with matching fastening elements and closure systems, individually developed in our design office and sewn in our own factory.

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Cable car covers surface protection
ENOergo stretch film manual dispenser in use

Pallet securing

There are several ways and combinations to securely bind stacked goods on pallets, depending on the small parts, stack height and weight. We know them well. From stretch film, intermediate layers with anti-slip coating, airbags to strapping bands – we are happy to advise you on how to create secure loading units.

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Packaging machines

Mechanical, partially or fully automated packaging can be cost-effective depending on the volume and manual effort involved. We will be happy to advise you on whether and with which of our high-performance packaging machines you could structure your operational workflow efficiently and ensure the safe transport of your products.

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Paper padding machine