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Transport of palletised goods

Pallet securing: secure becomes super secure

Transport pallets are the basis for goods transport all over the world. They cannot do their job without individual parts or stacked goods being securely attached. There are several load securing systems to choose from. We can advise you on whether the tried and tested stretch film is suitable for you or whether solutions without film will also meet your requirements. We can also help you optimise your existing solution.

Stretch films and machines

Stretch film has become the most common method of securing load units. The aim is always to maintain the stacking bond and the fixation on the pallet under the expected transport conditions. Stretch film can be applied manually or by stretch machine, depending on the volume. There are different performance criteria for stretch machines: daily throughput, wrapping pattern, film stretch and recovery force are the decisive parameters that must initially be adjusted to the packaged product. This is also used to decide which type of film will achieve the necessary safety and minimise material consumption. We use electronic measuring technology for this optimisation and determine the holding force of the film at your site.

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Pallet securing manual stretch film
Edge protection and stacking protection

Strapping and edge protection

Product securing on pallets can also be reliably achieved with strapping. In the case of very stable loads, this is done directly on the goods; in the case of more sensitive packaged goods, edge protectors are used under the strapping so that it does not cut into the goods. Edge protectors also help to distribute the load and stabilise the strapped or wrapped load. All these elements are, of course, available in different versions.

Pallet container

Pallet containers of different material thicknesses made of corrugated cardboard can be placed in pairs or alone on a pallet. They are specially designed for the size of pallets and are suitable for transporting a wide range of parts in a wide range of sizes. If necessary, padding material is used to fix the packaged goods in the container. We will also be happy to advise you here!

Pallet box with slip lid
Pallets with anti-slip paper

Anti-slip applications

For hard to palletise, smooth products, stacking spacers should be used to create a group. Anti-slip papers are particularly well suited for this purpose, as they not only prevent the packaged goods from slipping on the pallet, but also save material. This is because less stretch film is needed when using anti-slip paper. When transporting goods within the company, it is even possible to dispense with film altogether. There is no need to worry about disposing of adhesive either. They are directly applied to the product and therefore, similar to a hook-and-loop fastener, secure a stable load without damaging the packaging. They are recyclable and leave no residues.



Disposable wooden pallets, washable reusable plastic pallets and stackable INKA pallets are used far less frequently than the classic Euro pallet, but they are justified for their specific applications. Together with you, we check which pallet is best suited for your requirement.

Pallets and pallet spacers