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Completely individual packaging

Packaging development

The more specific the requirements, the more individual the packaging solution must be. When it comes to developing constructive packaging that precisely meets your requirements, the designers in our Packaging Development department are the experts.

Packaging development starts with the product or a digital graphic of it. Information about transport types and destinations, the type of storage – e.g. stacking – are also important considerations for the application. There may be requests for preferred materials or we may make suggestions. First, a CAD graphic is created and presented to you. No one knows your company’s processes better than you do. We incorporate the changes that arise in the discussion with you into the further development. We finally create a prototype, during the demonstration of which further possibilities for improvement are identified, if any. With particularly sensitive packaged goods, a test can be carried out for transport simulation.

Packaging development
Constructive packaging

We consider the following criteria during development

Packaging concepts – carefully considered from front to back

Be it series packaging, solutions specifically for export, packaging concepts for individual packaged goods, disposable or reusable – when developing customised packaging solutions, Knüppel takes a holistic view of the process chain. We look very closely. And after analysing all relevant parts of the process and considering application-specific requirements, we develop a customised solution for your packaged goods. All our constructive packaging is CAD-based, which means that it is completely customised to your needs.

Example of golf clubs packaging

Packaging for premium golf clubs

Your perfect packaging solution in 6 steps

1. On-site analysis

Collection of all relevant criteria relating to packaging, shipping and storage as well as central development information (including number of items, type of transport, disposable or reusable).

2. Design phase

Development of initial computer designs and a material concept based on analyses and material tests.

3. Tuning

Concept tuning between you and us based on 3-D designs, including costing.

4. Prototyping

If the concept is a success, a prototype is created once you have placed your order.

5. Packaging testing

Testing comparison between design and prototype – plus packaging test and demonstration in a practical test.

6. Series production

Once all the key data have been fulfilled to your complete satisfaction, you can commission the packaging production. We will immediately initiate production (on request including the creation of further samples according to production conditions in series production).

Three people at a desk during packaging testing photographed from above

Which is the right material?

Single-material solution or material combination: our Packaging Development department uses a wide range of different grades of packaging materials – supported by analyses and material tests – to develop a material concept based on CAD designs that meets all your requirements for a packaging solution.