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Safely to the destination without corrosion

Complaint rate significantly reduced through optimised overseas packaging

Stable, safe, protected from corrosion. These are the requirements for transporting heavy components. We developed new export packaging which meets these requirements for a well-known logistics company that was not satisfied with its old packaging with regard to these points. Our Packaging Development team tackled the issue and, as usual, had a clear view of the entire process chain.

The customer

The traditional full-service logistics provider based near the border to the Netherlands offers intermodal logistics solutions, among other things, to its industrial customers from numerous sectors. A packaging solution that meets the high demands of the customer must therefore fulfil a wide range of requirements.

The task

The customer transports heavy, corrosion-prone components weighing approx. 25 kg by truck and ship for an automotive supplier. The previous packaging solution could neither securely fix the components to their destination nor reliably protect them from corrosion. The complaint rate, which was far too high as a result, had to be reduced.

The requirements

  • High packaging stability
  • No component movement within the packaging
  • Protection of certain parts of the components against compressive stress
  • Reliable corrosion prevention
Overseas packaging with corrosion protection
Overseas packaging with compartments

The solution

Stable frame keeps components in position

The new inner packaging is optimised to take into account the shape of the components and their high mass. Instead of being transported upright, the parts are now transported lying down and fixed in the inner packaging through recesses in the base plate. Any contact with the packaging and stress only affect defined non-critical parts of the components.

Detailed view of overseas packaging with corrosion protection

Improved VCI concept prevents corrosion

Instead of rubber covers, closed foil bags protect the components from corrosion. While the VCI atmosphere of the covers could not be developed to a sufficient degree for the duration of transport, the corrosion protection of the closed bags reliably lasts until the destination: the VCI bags are fixed in the compartment and cannot come loose during transport. The VCI atmosphere is maintained throughout the duration of the transport.

Overseas packaging delivery

Process optimisation and preservation of process reliability

Packagingprocess optimisation as well as optimisation of warehouse logistics were not explicit requirements, but are always part of the service for Knüppel, if possible.

  • Packaging time is reduced and packaging errors occur less frequently because the packaging has been designed according to the Poka Yoke principle – defects are not possible or are immediately noticeable.
  • Warehouse logistics are simplified: all components are quickly available by delivering the packaging as a flat-lying set and in space-saving folded form.
  • The size of the transport packaging is designed so that the selected sea container can be tightly loaded, with consideration of the best use of space. The integrated wooden reinforcement ensures stackability despite the high weight.