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Stretch films and machines

When it comes to securing packaged goods on pallets, stretch film is often the best choice. It is effective, inexpensive and offers protection against moisture, dust and UV radiation. However, in many cases the potential of modern stretch films is not fully exploited: it is often possible to significantly reduce film consumption while simultaneously lowering the complaint rate.

As a packaging wholesaler, Knüppel offers you complete solutions comprising advice, machine solutions, stretch film and service.

We are happy to provide a free, no-obligation consultation on:

  • How to realise the full potential of your existing stretch process
  • Whether manual stretching meets your requirements or whether a suitable machine would be better for you
  • Which film is best suited for your solution
  • Whether an alternative to stretch film is suitable for you

Contact us directly, we will be happy to advise you: +49 5541 77871 255

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Pallet securing with stretch film manually or with machine?

Manual stretch film as a decentralised solution

Stretching pallets by hand – with stretch film dispenser or without – is suitable when you need a decentralised solution for securing pallets, when ease of handling is important, or when your pallet volume is too low for a machine solution.

You can use

  • manual stretch film without a dispenser ,
  • make work easier with simple hand dispensers or
  • provide optimal results with ergonomic systems – such as the ENO®ergo dispenser – while protecting users’ health.


We would be happy to analyse your processes and advise you on:

  • Whether manual stretching is your optimal method for securing pallets
  • Whether a manual stretch system with film and dispenser is suitable for you and with which variant you achieve optimum results
  • Which film is best suited for you
Pallet securing with manual stretch film – ergonomic manual dispenser
Pallet securing with stretch machine – advice and ROI calculation

Automatic pallet securing systems for large pallet volumes

A stretch machine could be profitable for you if your processes can be optimised through automation and this optimisation is more profitable in the medium term than buying or renting the machine. If you already work with stretch wrappers, updating the settings and/or a new stretch film can achieve better and more cost-effective results in the long term.


We would be happy to analyse your processes and advise you on:

  • Whether a machine solution would be profitable for you
  • Which machine type is suitable for you
  • Which machine stretch film meets the specific requirements of the machine and achieves the best results for you

Which stretch film for which purpose?

The choice of film depends on various factors – the type of packaged goods, the type of machine or manual tool as well as the transport route all play a role. As well as the material, film thickness and other mechanical properties, stretch films are differentiated by special features such as corrosion protection and UV protection. We have a wide range of different film types available for you and can advise you on which stretch film is the right one for your application.

Choose the right stretch film

Your benefits with optimal film selection

Process optimisation:

  • Time saving
  • Higher process reliability as a result of less frequent roll changes

Component reduction:

  • Savings on additional packaging material because of the special properties of the film (e.g. corrosion protection)


  • Lower consumption costs per pallet
  • Lower order frequency


  • Less storage space
  • Lower disposal costs
  • Less environmental impact


  •  Less transport damage and complaints as a result of improved stretchability, puncture resistance and tear resistance
Optimisation of pallet securing with stretch testing

Optimise your stretching system with stretch testing

As much as necessary, as little as possible: often more film is used than is needed. Knowing the optimal use of materials can reduce consumption.

We use a mobile, computer-aided testing device to measure the holding forces on a loaded pallet. In just a few minutes, we can objectively compare different stretch films and machine settings and reach conclusions about the degree of pallet security. This will tell you whether a thickness-reduced film with lower material consumption is suitable. The measurement data collected also makes it possible to adjust different stretching machines to a uniform wrapping pattern.

Stretch test procedure

  • Analysis of the current situation: machine, film, consumption, holding forces
  • Test with application-related film and setting recommendations
  • Comparison of the test results in terms of economic, technical and ecological aspects

Contact us to arrange a consultation with stretch test: +49 5541 77871 255

Graphic stretch test force-strain diagram
Pallet securing with shrink film as an alternative to stretch film

Pallet securing with shrink film as an alternative to stretch film

Stretch film is suitable for a wide range of different packaged goods shapes and sizes, but has its limitations with particularly heavy or pointed goods. Shrink film is an alternative to stretch film here. It is more stable and serves as a cover for the packaged goods. Heat treatment conforms the film to the shape of the package and increases its strength.


We can advise on:

  • When shrink film is the better choice
  • Which film type is suitable for your application and which accessories you need
  • How to correctly apply shrink film

Pallet securing without film

Stretch film is one of the most commonly used solutions for securing pallets. It is cheap, quick and ergonomic to use and very reliably protects the packaged goods.


However, there are also good alternatives. We will be happy to advise you on when and how you can use the following products to secure pallets without film:

  • Strapping material and edge protection
  • Pallet container
  • Anti-slip aids
Pallet securing without film