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Corrosion protection

ICB® corrosion protection film

With the new, patented ICB ("Intelligent Corrosion Blocker") active ingredient mechanism, our partner EXCOR has significantly enhanced corrosion protection. ICB reacts to the humidity in the packaging room and adapts to it efficiently. For this, ICB was honoured with the German Packaging Award in Gold in 2021 and the German Innovation Award in 2023.

Mode of action

From a humidity level of around 55%, the risk of corrosion in metal increases continuously and the ICB film releases its active ingredient in a controlled manner. The amount of anti-corrosion agent released increases with higher humidity levels and decreases again as humidity levels fall. This needs-based release leads to a prolonged depot effect of the ICB films.

German Packaging Award Gold Seal
Excellent seal of approval Dermatest 03-2023
German Innovation Award 2023 Special
Siegel Innopreis 2022 2. Platz
German Packaging Award New Material Winner 2021

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Advantages of ICB

Users benefit from the fact that the innovative ICB agent mechanism not only provides reliable protection for metal parts, but also gives employees an increased sense of safety when handling a dispensing product. TRSG monitoring is not required.

  • Reactive corrosion protection - needs-based, efficient, safe
  • Longer protection, no premature evaporation of the active ingredients
  • Very good skin compatibility
  • Approval from leading car manufacturers (type Q)
Paket mit ICB-Korrosionsschutzfolie