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Corrosion protection

VCI dispenser capsule EMIBO Natur & VCI tray VALENO layer tray

Sustainability and corrosion protection are not contradictory! The new products from our partner EXCOR – technology leader in the field of corrosion protection – focus on recyclability and renewable raw materials.

During the Empack Online Days, you can attend our presentation on the products on Thursday, 20/05/2021, 14:00 – 14:30. If you still have questions or would like to get in touch, please feel free to contact us directly.

VCI dispenser capsule EMIBO Natur

EMIBO Natur VCI dispenser capsules combine effective corrosion protection with ecological sustainability: 100% natural cellulose with proven EXCOR VCI active ingredient.

While the cover is made of a tough cardboard, the VCI active ingredient carrier inside the capsule is made of multilayer technical filter paper. EMIBO Natur has an innovative VCI chamber system for improved active ingredient circulation and faster VCI release from inside the layers. As well as a rapid build-up of the VCI protective atmosphere, EMIBO Natur offers an active ingredient reservoir that maintains its protective function even under extreme climatic stresses. As a handy accessory pack, the VCI dispenser made of pure cellulose is ideal for corrosion protection packaging designed for one-way transport. It can be simply disposed of as waste paper.

Typical applications:

  • As a single-use dispenser
  • In switch cabinets (interior corrosion protection)
  • In load carriers
  • As reinforcement for the VCI depot
EMIBO Natur VCI dispenser capsules
Valeno VCI layer tray

VCI tray VALENO layer tray

The VALENO layer tray is a process for the contour-true lamination of load carriers made of different materials with VCI film. Punched corrugated cardboard trays or corrugated cardboard toothed bars can be laminated as well as fibre cast packaging or plastic trays. Sustainable load carriers made of paper fibres are therefore also becoming established in the field of application of volatile corrosion protection. The lamination removes the corrugated board and fibre casting corrosive properties in contact with metals and provides VCI corrosion protection in a closed outer packaging.

With corrugated board and fibre casting, this uses materials which previously required very complex conditions for reliable corrosion protection. This innovation offers a significant cost advantage and is environmentally sustainable.

Typical applications:

  • As disposable packaging
  • For products that are automatically packed and/or removed
  • For steel sleeves
  • For magnets
  • For electric motors
  • For smaller quantities