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Quickly and safely protect packaged goods

PadPak® Guardian

The new, flexible PadPak® Guardian™ paper padding system produces paper pads for every requirement – directly at the packing table “on demand” or prefabricated fully automatically for several users in the company. The system is ideal for creating a padded inner packaging and for fixing packaged goods. The Guardian converter takes up much less space than conventional padding systems because of the pre-folded, narrower paper packets, is mobile because of its mobile frame and processes single- and two-ply Kraft liner or recycled papers into padding suitable for the application. The unique paper loading system reduces the loading time of the Guardian to less than 30 seconds, saving a lot of time for the actual packaging process. The intuitive operation of the Padpak® Guardian™ through a touch panel makes the system very efficient and user-friendly.

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Your benefits

  • Process optimisation: Time and cost savings with high production speed
  • Low space requirement and mobile frame ensure uncomplicated use of the packaging machines
  • Paper packets can be loaded in less than 30 seconds
  • Single and two-ply paper for a wide range of applications
  • Ecological packaging with paper
  • Intuitive guidance with touch panel for simple and safe operation
Side view right Paper converter PadPak Guardian


The PadPak® Guardian™ is available in two standard versions: as a free-standing machine or as a companion unit that is height-compatible with the packing table. Padded production is conveniently achieved using a foot pedal or EDS (Electronic Delivery System) with pre-set pad lengths or a fully automatic process. The paper packets are light as well as compact, making them easy to place in the storage compartment.

Technical details

Dimensions excl. pad channel (free-standing)

610 mm (W) x 780 mm (L) x 1630 mm (H) Dimensions incl. pad channel (free-standing)

610 mm (W) x 1110 mm (L) x 1630 mm (H) Dimensions table-top unit

610 mm (W) x 870 mm (L) x 1390 mm (H) Speed

> 1.2m Paper charging time

< 30 sec Weight free-standing

93 kg Weight table-top unit

89 kg