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Corrosion Protection

Effective metal protection is effective protection of valuables

Corrosion - caused by "oxidation"

Products with bare metal surfaces always run the risk of being damaged by rust. These risks increase dramatically when it comes to storage and transport. High mechanical strains, insufficient protection against humidity, but also significant climate changes, as is all too common when exporting goods, create the ideal "breeding conditions" for rust and corrosion.

Corrosion is the result of oxidation processes. Once they start it is virtually impossible to stop them. Corrosion damage in the billions is the result. The risks for production and trading companies that manufacture or distribute high quality products with bare metal surfaces are accordingly considerable.

But metal products can also be reliably protected against corrosion during transport and storage - even under extreme conditions! We can also offer our customers decades of experience in this area, well-known partners with patents and expert advice as well as three different corrosion protection methods: the VCI, the desiccant and the coating method.

EXCOR® VCI corrosion protection in packaging

EXCOR® VCI are corrosion inhibitors that can be incorporated into packaging materials such as polyethylene, polypropylene, foam, paper, solid and corrugated cardboard or oil. The respective carrier material releases these VCI (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors) as vapor up to a given saturation concentration in the closed package space. This creates an atmosphere within the package to specifically prevent any type of corrosion. The VCI methodology is one of the active forms of corrosion protection. The inhibitors fully dissipate after removal of the packaging, leaving no residue whatsoever. More information can be found at


Desiccant can protect packaged goods against humidity during transport and storage, thus preventing corrosion, mold growth and the like. In conjunction with a water-vapor-tight covering, desiccants keep the humidity in a package below the critical concentration. Sufficient absorbency prevents corrosion. Coating method This is a passive corrosion protection method: The protective coating isolates the metallic surfaces from the aggressive media such as moisture, salts or acids. The coating method uses oils or film-forming and even curing coatings. These coatings generally have to be removed after reception of the respective goods.