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Self-Adhesive Tape, Labels & Markings

Clearly marked – safely transported

Labels and packaging tapes are important for different applications in shipping. Provisions for the transportation of dangerous goods require the use of dangerous goods information, for example. They apply to both parcel delivery and the transportation of dangerous cargo. But even beyond the transportation or shipment of dangerous materials, proper markings effectively support the safety of transport services: By providing clear information on sensitive, e.g. fragile goods, you automatically increase the likelihood of damage-free transport services.

However, not all transport damage can be entirely avoided in the course of difficult day-to-day operations. In the event of damage, our intelligent and forgery-proof ShockWatch and TiltWatch indicators can help clarify matters. They clearly indicate whether a product toppled over or was subjected to shock or impact during transportation, for example.

Shipping packages can, incidentally, also be used – guaranteed without damage – for an entirely different purpose: as an advertising surface! Promotional printing on custom-designed packaging tape can certainly have an effect!

Adapted to professional requirements, we offer you a targeted selection of high-quality packaging and marking materials. Quality has priority here too, in order to ensure the highest transport protection at all times. You will of course also find the appropriate accessories in our extensive product range.